Welcome to Willow Creek Cottage

oursWe weren’t planning on buying a house. Only three months had passed since our wedding when we decided to casually check out some houses, and ended up putting in an offer. We went in low and were beat by another couple. Cue a big, fat reality check. You would think that we would reconsider buying, but now we wanted to find our first home. We had already envisioned our future Christmas mornings and elaborate renovations of making a house our own scribbled on napkins and scraps of paper. By mid-October, we found a traditional Cape with a ton of potential in our top location, only to have the deal fall through weeks before closing due to the appraisal.

peonyThe stress and emotions between negotiations, paperwork, the winter season, full-time jobs, and money lost on the process got the best of us. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into at this point. With the added pressure of a lease renewal and stalking the MLS and Zillow 24/7, my husband sent me a listing of a house I had already seen and added to Trash weeks ago. The moment we heard the seller was going to pull the house off the market the day they received our offer, we knew this was providential. I’ll save you all the drama that followed (i.e. do NOT switch jobs when applying for a loan) and fast forward to the happy ending. That modern Saltbox nestled in a patch of woods at the bottom of a big hill is ours. I never could have imagined this. I’m a Jersey girl with an affection for vintage style. I don’t understand streets without streetlights or sides without sidewalks or neighborhoods without neighbors close enough that you basically live in each other’s homes.

Hosea 6:3 “Let us know; let us press on to know the Lord; His going out is sure as the dawn; He will come to us as the showers, as the spring rains that water the earth.”


The weekend before we closed on the house in March, a snowstorm came through and had us on our knees praying everything would finally work out. I totally get why the real estate market dips through winter. My husband was also away for the whole first week of our home ownership! But, the snow started melting, the air got warmer, and soon enough green was bursting everywhere. I’m still in awe that we actually did it. We are three months passed our move-in day, and feeling pretty settled.


We’ve had some funny moments (i.e. do NOT keep a lawnmower in your basement) and some frustrating moments (i.e. so. many. bugs.) and some real, sweet moments (i.e. watching a mama deer with her fawn from our back deck). I love stepping outside, hearing the small creek flowing, and seeing, smelling, discovering new things on our little piece of land in this big world.






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